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Spotify Releases Playlist Targeting Using Behavioral Marketing Tactics

behavioral marketing In today’s digital marketing news Spotify unleashed a new playlist targeting feature that allows brands to factor user’s needs, activities and moods into cross-device advertising sponsored content. Spotify’s attention to audience segmentation through playlist targeting helps brands target based on what their targets are going through.

This type of playlist targeting takes behavioral marketing to another level. Behavioral marketing has been around for about 10 years. In a nutshell, behavioral marketing is where Internet marketing specialists use a variety of techniques to increase the effectiveness of advertising through web-browsing behavior information of their target audiences. Searches potential customers have made or pages they’ve visited enable advertisers to determine the kind of ads they are exposed to.

Spotify’s playlist targeting takes behavioral marketing to the point where advertisers will be able to send a message to their listeners at exactly the right moment.

With Spotify’s behavioral targeting, advertisers will be able to use their targets playlists such as “Party Time” or “Workout” to target messages to their audience. Users generally label their playlists very specifically. Not only are they creating a moment in their lives, but they label it for us. Spotify also has a mood label feature that allows users to label their playlists with things like “chill.”

Brands are also able to do some cool storytelling to their target audience as well. We know Spotify users usually wake up in the morning with a playlist, listen to it in the car on the go, and have the desktop app on their computers at the office. They are listening to various playlists all day long. Certain brands can now tell sequential stories to their audience at almost any moment in their target’s day.

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