Mobile Search Results

Google’s Mobile-Friendly Update and Mobile Search Results 

mobile friendly update mobile search resultsOn April 21, 2015, Google altered its algorithm in a way that directly affects websites not properly configured for mobile devices. For mobile-friendly websites, the new Google changes are beneficial in that they may receive boosts in Google’s mobile search results. On the other hand, sites that are not mobile-friendly will experience a negative impact in their organic rankings on Google. The new algorithm will not affect website rankings on a desktop, only organic rankings on mobile devices, particularly smartphones.

Behavioral Marketing

Digital Marketing News: 

Spotify Releases Playlist Targeting Using Behavioral Marketing Tactics

behavioral marketing In today’s digital marketing news Spotify unleashed a new playlist targeting feature that allows brands to factor user’s needs, activities and moods into cross-device advertising sponsored content. Spotify’s attention to audience segmentation through playlist targeting helps brands target based on what their targets are going through.

Mobile App

Why You Need a Mobile App for Your Business

mobile appMobile apps – Are they only for large corporations like Chase Bank and Amazon? No. Mobile apps are effective for any business. More small business are following the mobile app trend today. They know that the best mobile strategies involve more than just a mobile version of their company website.

Closing the Web Presence Perception Gap

What Does Your Website Say About Your Business?

Your companies web presence speaks for who you are as a brand. Perception can be reality. What perception does your company website give users about your brand?

web presenceThe Internet is a powerful tool that if used properly it will give you many new opportunities for increased sales and revenue.



Who is Silverbird?

FRONT021414‘With gospel like energy

It’s about you and everyone you know

And the organ is pure ’70s nostalgia

Like a ghost fighting its way back into the realm of the living’


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