Imagine having your brand’s message on any website, any time, anywhere in the world. This is exactly what display ads – also referred to as web banners or banner advertising – accomplish. With display advertising, the possibilities of your Internet marketing efforts are almost limitless.


What is Display Advertising?

Have you ever been browsing your favorite website and noticed an array of advertisements within the content? Those are display ads, and that’s what display advertising does: connect your brand with your audience by leveraging the incomparable reach of the Web. 40 million people use the Internet every month, and a well-oiled display ad campaign has the power to reach each and every one of them.

Display ads came about in the early 1990s’ Internet boom. As websites garnered more visitors, they needed a way to earn revenue. By hosting ad space and allowing it to be filled by other companies, these websites were able to monetize their own popularity.

The publishers, the ones who promoted their brands through these ads, were able to grow from it, as well. Display ads are now a million dollar industry, and their presence can be felt on almost any website, from Facebook to ESPN to the Huffington Post.

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How Display Advertising Works

Display advertising is a form of media buying, much like TV commercials or billboards. Ad space is competitively bid on and sold to the highest bidder on a real-time basis. This ad space is purchased on the basis of “impressions,” which refers to the display of a single ad. Each time your ad is displayed on a website is an impression, and the cost of that impression is determined by how much publishers are willing to pay for it.

Display ads are an extremely diverse form of media, and there are many different variations of them. There are text-only ads, images, video ads, and “rich media” display ads (animated or moving images). Display ads also vary according to the medium, and there are ads specifically formatted for display on smartphones, mobile apps, and computers.

Finally, display ads may be divided according to the audience itself. Technological advancements have allowed advertisers to customize their campaigns to not only target specific websites, but also specific people. Display ads can be shown to people of a certain age or sex, people who behave a certain way, people who are more likely to buy a product, or people who have previously been to your website.

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Why Have TRC Multimedia Manage Your Display Ads?

Display advertising is an enormously powerful tool. The mere image of your company can not only direct people toward your website, but also grow awareness of your brand at an exponential rate. Unbound by the constraints of space and time, the entire universe of the World Wide Web is at your disposal.

Managing display ads is a discipline that requires both good strategy and creativity, which we at TRC Multimedia have in spades. It takes the skill and dedication of professional marketing strategists to sort through thousands of websites and choose the right one to display your ads according to your budget and your priorities. It takes an expert level of graphic design to compose the ad that will truly appeal to your audience and bring your brand to the next level of marketing.

We have the designers. We have the creativity. We have the experience, the knowledge and the technical expertise to not only manage your display ads, but to make it an indispensible utility for your brand. Let us demonstrate the power of the Web for you

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