Benefits of Email Marketing for Your Business

email marketing Email marketing has recently gotten a bad name. Not quite as bad of a reputation as direct mail today, but similarly the average business owner doesn’t really know the truth about email marketing.

While many Internet marketers are lured into social media advertising, thinking that it’s more useful than email marketing, more traditional email marketing strategies have been left behind. The best Internet marketers keep email marketing campaigns at the foundation of their digital marketing strategies.

Still not sure? Read these top benefits of email marketing campaigns:

  1. Real time messages – A marketing email can be composed and completed in a few hours, so you can literally send real time messages to your customers. This enables you to promote a limited time sale or special, as well as to reduce stock or inventory. Sending real time messages to customers on their birthdays or anniversaries is also an effective marketing tool.
  2. Reduced effort – By using email marketing templates all you have to do is add copy, graphics, select database lists and send. This means a single employee can email blast targeted customers in less than 2 hours.
  3. Test marketing emails – Digital marketing is always about split testing. Email marketing makes it easy to see which headlines, graphics, colors and offers your customers respond to. Through email marketing tracking tools you can determine which messages convert to actions and sales.
  4. Minimal overhead costs – Email marketing can be performed at a low cost. You don’t need a bunch of designers or digital marketing specialists. There’s no need to pay high printing or postage fees. Effective email marketing campaigns only need a program and a good digital marketer.
  5. Message spreading – When is the last time one of your friends clipped an ad from a magazine and sent it to a friend or family member? Or have you recently seen someone distribute a postal mailing to a friend? Forwarding an email only takes a few seconds and is more commonly seen today. Email marketing not only has a wider reach, but your email distribution lists are also acting as advocates for your brand.

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