Google Algorithm Changes – April 21st | Google Mobile-Friendly Update

Leaked information from reliable sources confirm information regarding Google’s mobile-friendly update. TRC Multimedia wanted to bring our readers the latest news on what’s coming ahead later this April.

google's mobile-friendly update Over the last few months Google has been making changes to apps, mobile SERPS, Google Play, and some development guidelines for mobile. Some say these will be a part of the April 21st update. Based upon what we have read recently, here is our prediction on what’s coming on 4/21.

Google will most likely release a new mobile crawler that will be able to crawl single-page web apps more efficiently. The new mobile-friendly Google guidelines the focus is on exposing CSS and JS because Android apps are built in Java.

Recently google has also been favoring more Trusted Partners feeds, which are both part of single-page web apps and mobile apps. We believe that this extra attention on feeds, CSS and JS contributes to why Google needs an additional mobile index. A new mobile crawler along with a new mobile-only index will allow Google to rank and index deep links to screens in apps and rank app content. Google does not want to consider app content and deep links to screens in apps in the desktop algorithm or slow down desktop search.

In addition, the recent introduction from Google Play’s automated and manual review process are related to deep links. This announcement confirms that Google constructed a crawler that can crawl Android applications.

You might be wondering how much mobile rankings will be affected. Some say the 4/21 update will be bigger than Panda or Penguin. It is still unclear whether or not all mobile devices will be affected. The update might impact Android more or it may influence both IOS and Android. Currently we see more changes in Android than IOS for specific search results.

If you are wondering whether or not your website meets Google’s requirements for mobile or if your search results will be jeopardized from the 4/21 Google mobile-friendly update, contact TRC Multimedia today.