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What is a Landing Page?

Seriously, what the hell is a landing page? While confusion abounds in all areas of digital marketing, none is more misunderstood than the poor landing page. People seem to think landing pages are everything and anything.

Try this little experiment. Ask the next person you see what a landing page is. Seriously, go try it. We’ll wait.

Great, you’re back. Did you ask someone what a landing page is? Did they know? We rest our case.

So, with all this misunderstanding surrounding landing pages, what exactly are they? More importantly, how can someone develop, design, and optimize one?

Without getting bogged down in technical jargon, a landing page is the page someone visits when they first come to, or land on, your site. There are about a million different types of landing pages. For our purposes, though, you only need to worry about PPC landing pages and SEO landing pages.

A landing page should have one purpose and one purpose only – for the visitor to take a desired action. This could be signing up for a newsletter, subscribing to an RSS feed, linking or following you on social media, buying a product, or calling your office.

When someone takes the desired action, it’s called a conversion. And that, folks, is what landing pages are all about – getting conversions. If your landing pages doesn’t convert, what good is it?

Of course, quality landing page optimization is hard to come by. The internet is awash in poorly designed landing pages that simply don’t convert. Well, we’re out to end these crappy landing page designs once and for all!

Read on to learn more detailed information on landing page optimization, the difference between PPC and SEO landing pages, and to learn how TRC can turn any page on your website into a conversion machine!

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Landing Page Optimization 101

As mentioned above, landing page optimization is the process of turning a normal landing page into one that rakes in conversion. How is this accomplished? While it may seem like a complicated process, it’s actually not.

Landing page optimization is about two things – consumer psychology and landing page design. These two facets work together to strengthen each other and produce conversions. They’re basically a math formula for success!

We’ll touch on landing page design in detail below. For now, let’s turn our attention to consumer psychology. Again, while it may sound complicated, consumer psychology is actually pretty straightforward. It’s about understanding why people take certain actions.

Once you understand the “why” of something, implementing the “how” isn’t difficult. That’s where TRC Multimedia are absolute masters. We’re certified experts when it comes to anything and everything consumer psychology and landing page optimization.

We understand why people convert. More importantly, we understand how to harness the power of persuasion to make people convert. Call us today to learn how our landing page optimization techniques can boost your site’s conversions and your business’s bottom line!

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Landing Page Design


Along with consumer psychology, landing page design is of extreme importance when talking landing page optimization. After all, what good is a convincing landing page if users can’t locate your contact form?

Landing page design is made up of a few elements, including: call to actions (CTA), above the fold and below the fold content, removing obstacles, guiding visitors interactions, and atheistic facets like color.

Of these, the most important are your call to actions. These are, as the name suggests, where you ask users to take a specific, desired action. These are also where most sites lack in landing page design and fall short of a conversion.

If your landing page is well designed, then you’ll have a persuasive CTA. If your landing page is perfectly designed, then you’ll have a CTA that’s so good your visitors won’t hesitate to take the desired action.

The key here is value. What value does your CTA create? Almost as important, what value does the rest of your landing page create? Do your landing page design and landing page optimization mirror and increase this value? Or do they detract from it?

Look, we get it, landing pages are a pain in the ass. They’re also the single most important factor in turning website visitors in customers. Let TRC handle that pain in the ass for you. When you hire us, you’re not only getting landing page design experts – you’re getting relief from the stress of internet marketing. Don’t wait, call us today!

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SEO vs. PPC Landing Pages

Ah, the eternal debate over SEO landing pages and PPC landing pages. What are the two, which is more important, can you optimize each the same…the questions go on and on.

SEO landing pages are the pages someone visits when they click on one of your organic search results. PPC landing pages are the pages someone visits when they click on one of your paid ads.

That was pretty simple, right? Well hold on, ‘cause things are about to get a lot more complicated.

SEO landing pages are often thought to take a backseat to PPC landing pages. Why? Because, when someone clicks on an organic result and end up on an SEO landing pages, they aren’t costing you money. When someone clicks on a paid ad and ends up on a PPC landing pages, your business just spent money.

Following this logic, PPC landing pages should be more optimized, better designed, and conversion killers, right? Yes and no. On the one hand, of course they should! You spent money for that traffic – you better make sure it converts!

On the other hand, SEO landing pages offer a unique benefit. Because they don’t cost money directly when someone lands on them, many companies aren’t optimizing them. That leads to many poorly designed and optimized pages. That leads to people clicking the back button and searching again.

If you can harness that power and implement some amazing landing page optimization and design, then you now have a real advantage over your competition. And that, readers, is quality marketing.

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Why Hire TRC for Your Landing Pages Optimization?

Why should you hire TRC for your landing page optimization and design? Why should you entrust us with your SEO or PPC landing page? Simple – we’re the best around.

We answered your question of “what is a landing page?” We explained the benefits of both landing page design and optimization. We gave you a crash course in call to actions and consumer psychology. We broke down the SEO vs. PPC landing page debate. We even offered you a bit of on-the-house advice.

It’s safe to say we’re the landing page experts. Now let that expertise help you grow your business. It’s that simple.

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