Google’s Mobile-Friendly Update and Mobile Search Results 

mobile friendly update mobile search resultsOn April 21, 2015, Google altered its algorithm in a way that directly affects websites not properly configured for mobile devices. For mobile-friendly websites, the new Google changes are beneficial in that they may receive boosts in Google’s mobile search results. On the other hand, sites that are not mobile-friendly will experience a negative impact in their organic rankings on Google. The new algorithm will not affect website rankings on a desktop, only organic rankings on mobile devices, particularly smartphones.

There have been large increases in users conducting searches from their mobile devices’ (phones, tablets, etc.) browsers over the past several years. Data from StatCounter found that during the last quarter of 2014, 86% of US mobile searches (excluding tablets) utilized Google. Given these statistics, Google’s recent changes are attempting to sort through the sites that are not mobile-friendly and penalize them.

Now that the changes have taken place, what does this mean for web designers, digital marketers, and anyone with a website wishing to drive traffic to their site? The most important first step is to ensure that your website is mobile-friendly. Google has a Mobile-Friendly Test in which you enter your URL and Google will analyze the site and let you know whether or not it is mobile-friendly. If it’s not, it is essential that you make the necessary adjustments immediately. After doing so, pull up your site on your own mobile phone to ensure that the text and images fit appropriately in the browser window.

It is also important for you to run your own analyses of organic mobile traffic to your website. It will be helpful to not only analyze how much mobile traffic is currently coming to your site, but how much of it has occurred over the past several months and year. Utilizing Google Analytics will provide insight into the importance of optimizing your site for mobile-friendly devices.

Although the new algorithm changes will not affect Google searches on a desktop, given the increases in organic searches on smartphones, it is essential that you make the necessary site changes as soon as possible. Optimizing your site for mobile devices will not only help your organic rankings, but make your site more successful in the ever-evolving mobile-friendly world.

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