Did you know that over 20% of all Google searches are mobile?

Tablets and smartphones have officially overtaken computers as the primary device for browsing the Internet, as well. If you think that, given these statistics, your business can grow and succeed on the Web without a mobile site, think again. Going mobile is no longer an option. It’s a necessity.

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The Importance of Having a Mobile Site

Each day, mobile sites grow in importance not only for website design and development, but also marketing and retaining an effective Internet presence. Websites that are designed exclusively for computers will look messy and unprofessional on a mobile phone. Users won’t be able to scroll through, view your content, and will likely exit before they can even interact.

What makes mobile sites all the more necessary is the impact they can have on your marketing efforts. As the times change, mobile compatibility is becoming a more significant factor in ranking high on search engines. It also influences your site speed, navigation, and other elements of user experience, all of which will indirectly affect your search engine standings.

Google and other search engines have been explicit about giving preference to mobile sites in their search results, and consumers themselves continually echo that sentiment. These days, it is clearer than ever that you can’t simply have a website. You must have a mobile website.

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How Mobile Sites Work

Mobile-friendly websites come in various different shapes and forms, but they all have one thing in common with one another: they are all fundamentally different from a site that you would view on a computer.

Mobile phones are wholly different from desktops and laptops. Their screen sizes and resolutions are smaller. Their orientation is landscape rather than portrait. They scroll by touch rather than by mouse. Their storage, memory and processors are more compact, and as a result they generally cannot handle as much intricate code.

For these reasons, well-designed and well-developed mobile sites should incorporate each of the following constitutive elements:

  • Text and media sizes warranted by the device in use
  • Scaled down code accommodating site speed
  • Fluid elements that proportionally resize
  • Easy, intuitive & user-friendly navigation
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Go Mobile Today!

Nothing makes a website look like a 20th century relic more than one that’s not mobile. Search engines don’t like them, users don’t like them, and we don’t like them, either – which is why we specialize in designing websites that are engaging, visually appealing and 100% mobile.

With a mobile site, you will not only take your web presence above and beyond what it used to be. You will have a website that truly speaks to your audience, as well – a website that looks perfect on any device, that ranks highly on any search engine, and that interacts well with any user.

Don’t waste another second without bringing your brand into the 21st century with a mobile site! Call to get yours designed TODAY!

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