5 SEO Misconceptions

SEO stands for search engine optimization. It includes the way websites get “organic,” “editorial,” or “free” results in various search engines. Google, yahoo and bing have different search results. In these results users see pages and content like social media, local listings and videos listed in an order that each specific search engine deems most important to specific users. There is no payment due to the search engine as there is with paid search advertising or ppc.

trc multimediaSEO tips very exciting. Most individuals may not fully understand the ins and outs of technical SEO. It’s not necessary for business owners to understand the details of SEO, but the one’s who wish to succeed online today should have a strong SEO expert in their corner.

As a business owner or digital marketing expert, one thing to be aware of is the amount of misinformation out there in the land of SEO. The purpose of this blog is to fill you in on worst SEO information we’ve found out there.

1. Social Media Has Nothing to do With SEO

False. Google doesn’t use sharing or number of followers to influence search results, however, social media marketing significantly aids in indexation and search engine discovery, as well as content distribution which generates site traffic.

2. Page Rank Matters

Page Rank is cool but it carries no weight. It’s still used by Google to determine the popularity of a site, but it’s intention was really to give Google the capability of building the most advanced algorithms.

3. Link Building is Gone

This is just not true. Search engine algorithms still use anchor text and link authority signals. The kind of link building that is dead is the more manipulative link building tactics. Search engines can now detect non-relevant link building tactics and will penalize your site for these practices. Building links naturally and bringing users to your site the organic way is necessary for SEO.

4. Google Doesn’t Prefer SEO

It may feel like that sometimes, but it’s just not true. Google encourages SEO by stating that ongoing SEO will make your site better and save you time. Google also suggests that if you are going to hire an SEO expert the earlier you do so the better. Google has their own SEO Starter Guide which encourages businesses to take advantage of specific SEO techniques. What Google actually doesn’t prefer, especially today is any black hat SEO, or manipulative SEO. Stop trying to trick Google. They’re too smart and too powerful. They’ve caught on to us. Companies that follow their protocols and stay up to date on what Google wants are simply more successful than those who don’t.

5. We Did SEO When We Built Our Site

That’s great, but you will see your organic traffic fall without ongoing seo work. Constantly maintaining SEO is imperative in online marketing. Here is why. Search engines favor fresh content and newly published pages. These are deemed more relevant. Your content can also become outdated. And lastly, your competition who is investing in ongoing SEO will move ahead.