SEO & PPC Campaigns
Start spending your marketing dollars more efficiently! With our experienced internet marketing team we will assure that your target demographics find your business before your competitors. It is time that you know that your marketing dollars are being spent in the most strategic fashion, targeting only qualified buyers. There is no reason to continue spending your advertising budget on ads that also reach people who have no desire or interest in your services. With one of our SEO & PPC Campaigns, we will show you the highest ROI in the industry.
Direct Mailers
Your potential customers are everywhere, so how can you get your point across to each and every one of them? TRC Multimedia specializes in Direct Mailers. We work with you in finding out who you want to target, what they want to see, and how we can create a message that will urge them to buy! We can narrow down large demographics to anything; from average household income, to single family homes. We can design them, print them, and ship them directly to the clientele that best fit your target demographics. But we do not stop there. Once they are mailed out we start compiling the pertinent information you need to gauge success because we look to optimize each new edition so that we can get the results you need.
Here at TRC Multimedia we create a high end lifestyle publication for people of affluence and influence. Our team of highly trained professionals handle the planning, design and distribution of our magazine. It is a full color, high gloss enamel printed on 80 weight stock paper. All of our publications are produced with the highest quality graphics standards to meet our client’s specific goals. We know our advertisers have a greater chance of increasing their business through exposing their message to those who can afford their services. Our mission is to provide the means for small and mid-sized businesses to attract high end commerce through a professional, visually appealing medium. Contact us today to find out what we have available in your area!
Mobile Applications
How can you reach people who are always on the move? How can you bring your website to the pockets of your clients? Mobile Applications are becoming an integral part of marketing for small and medium businesses today. Here at TRC Multimedia we have a team ready for your call. We can design, build, and show you how to get the most out of your mobile application. This is a great way to offer promotions, generate publicity, and grow organically within your marketing guidelines. Your consumers are on the move! Let us help you catch them, and capture their attention.
Web Design
Websites are everywhere, so how can you make yourself stand out? TRC Multimedia not only builds you a custom website that is user friendly, but we also pride ourselves on the research surrounding your business. We like to find out about your competitors, what they are doing with their websites, and what we can do differently to make you and your business stand out. Our knowledgeable team has over 30 years combined experience in website and graphic design. Our goal is to create a website that speaks to your brand. We want your input for every step of the way, that way we can get your point, your goals, and your visions across to your prospective clients.

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