How To Build Branding Through Social Media

Social media branding is a crucial part of building a solid digital marketing strategy. Let’s face it, with the impact of social media on society today, branding can be made easier through properly utilizing social media.

trc multimedia First off, branding goes much deeper than simply thinking in terms of corporations and businesses. Your brand is actually who you are as an individual in society as well. Social media is one of the tools we can use to build ourselves, or our “brands” online. They way others perceive you can be controlled through social media.

A good example of how you are perceived to the world online is by simply googling your name. Try google searching your name and variations of your name. Now try searching your company name and variations of your business name. With your personal name most of the top results will be social media profiles This is why content creation and social media should be a staple for your personal and business strategies.

Social Media Branding Strategies

Here is a list of the most effective ways to promote your personal brand:

  • What makes you different? Prior to establishing yourself it’s important to figure out what you are and what you want to be known for. Creating yourself as a specific niche will be more effective than being an expert in everything. So ask yourself, what are the things that people say you’re good at? What are you passionate about? What do you spend the most time reading in your free time?
  • Use the same name on all social media platforms. As you build your brand it’s important to be consistent in the name you use. Syncing your profile photos will also help with this. This will help others remember your name and your look.
  • Keep your design consistent. This means keeping your social media cover photos consistent and up to design standards. It might even mean using the same filter for images on Instagram or keeping a similar style in what you share on Pinterest. Some things to consider in creating a consistent look for your brand include, using a limited number of fonts, applying an appropriate color scheme and of course having a logo professionally designed.
  • Keep up on users who mention your name with a quick response. This is just common courtesy, but in today’s world people expect a response in a timely manner. Try to respond within 24 hours to avoid a negative impression on others.

These social media branding suggestions are just a start for how to help you present yourself online. Keep in mind, one of the most overlooked areas of social media is the impact your personal brand has on your organization.

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