Who is Silverbird?

FRONT021414‘With gospel like energy

It’s about you and everyone you know

And the organ is pure ’70s nostalgia

Like a ghost fighting its way back into the realm of the living’


After years in the music scene with gigs ranging from playing in clubs as part of Lana Del Rey’s band, opening for The Blow, and studying and playing with Dizzy Gillespie’s pianist Mike Longo, songwriter Tim Barr set out to start his own project. He met English producer Kristopher Harris and together they recorded Silverbird’s acclaimed debut EP, Surface Life, which was released in May 2014.

With the addition of Corey Davis on bass, Dan Whaley on lead guitar and Jacob Schuab on drums, Silverbird started filling up venues all over NYC. With influences as diverse as Wilco, Heartless Bastards, and Sparklehorse, their music fearlessly treads through an emotional landscape that, combined with infectious melodies and swirling, intricate rhythms, provides an absolutely enchanting first listen. Their debut LP, Pureland, is due out later this year.

“…It’s only a matter of time before Silverbird buzzes its way to the top.” – CMJ

“Surface Life is a larger-than-life, heartfelt tour de force of thoughtful compositions.” – Death and Taxes

“…your ears will be rewarded.” – USA Today

“Silverbirds songwriting skills are sure to amp up your day with almost gospel-like energy.” -LADYGUNN

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