How Social Media Marketing Can Grow Your Business

Why Pick TRC for Social Media Marketing Strategy?


What is Social Media Marketing?

There’s a Raymond Carver story titled “What We Talk About When We Talk About Love.” We haven’t quite figured out the whole love thing yet, but we have figured out social media marketing strategy!

So, we’re calling this page “What We Talk About When We Talk About Social Media Marketing.” It’s a lot to take in, so sit back and get ready to learn the unique benefits of social media marketing and how it can grow your business.

A few quick facts

  • Over 1,000,000,000 (that’s right – over one billion) users are active on Facebook.
  • Twitter has over 20 million fake users. Yep, there are more bots on Twitter than people in a small country.
  • 14% of Instagram users say they check Instagram while driving. They’re so dedicated to social media that they’re literally risking their lives to see if they got any new followers!

It’s plain to see that social media dominates our interactions with other human beings. It’s been that way for a number of years now. What isn’t so plain, though, is how to use a social media marketing plan to grow your business.

There are some serious benefits to marketing on social media, explored in-depth below, but many business owners are at a loss for how to successfully use Facebook, Twitter, and co. to turn a profit.

Well, you’re in luck ‘cause you’ve just stumbled onto the ultimate social media marketing company. TRC is the best of the best at using social channels to grow companies’ bottom line. Want to know how? Then read on!

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Social Media Marketing Strategy

The first thing that becomes apparent to business owners is that social media marketing strategy is hard! You’re not alone in having that thought. Just about every business struggles at first to market successful on social media.

Why is that? Because, unlike more traditional forms of marketing, social media marketing plans need to be truly unique. It’s not enough simply copy what successful companies are doing because what they’re doing is unique to their business and their brand.

Copying cute memes, inspirational quotes, and funny videos won’t get you far, yet that’s the exact social media marketing strategy most small businesses use. Why? Why shoot yourself in the foot before the race even starts?

Any successful social media marketing plan needs to be brand centered. It needs to reflect the unique value that your company offers. It needs to reflect your values, principles, and goals. In other words, your social media marketing plan needs to be as diverse as your business and employees are.

That’s where we can help. TRC knows how to tell your story. We know how to take your story, your employees’ stories, and translate that into a successful social media marketing strategy. The benefits? Well, they’re immense and immediate.

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Marketing Made Easy!


Social Media Marketing Benefits

The benefits of social media marketing are varied and far-reaching. As mentioned above, the first benefit is how immediate results can be. Developing a quality social media marketing plan, setting up profiles, and implementing that plan can take as short as one day.

Within a single day you can be interacting with potential customers. Within a single day you can be generating leads. Within a single day you can be making sales. Sounds pretty sweet, right?

Another benefit of social media marketing is the directness of it. Think about it – social media is inherently a direct medium. It allows for users to communicate directly with each other. It doesn’t matter if one person is in Germany and the other is in Belize.

Translating that same idea to marketing – social media allows you to directly interact with customers, potential customers, and fans of your brand. There’s no expensive middleman, no annoying customer service representative. There’s just you and your followers.

That’s perhaps the largest benefit of social media marketing. There are plenty of others though. Social media is free to use. There’s no start up cost. If you do plan on advertising, it’s cheaper than traditional mediums like print or TV. Social media marketing services are also very reasonably priced.

Finally, there’s one more benefit of social media marketing – the ability to grow your brand through social interactions. This benefit is sort of a chicken and the egg type situation. Which came first, the brand or the brand building?

Regardless, this is a huge social media marketing benefit. You’re creating more than customers through posting and interacting with followers. You’re creating brand advocates. You’re creating loyal fans that share the same values and principles as your company.

And there’s nothing more valuable than that.

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Why Hire TRC as Your Social Media Marketing Company?

And here we’ve come to the million-dollar question – why should you hire us as your social media company? Why should you trust the digital storefront of your brand to us? Because we deliver results. It’s that simple.

The social media marketing strategy team at TRC Multimedia is absolutely genius. They’re able to harness the power of your story, of your brand, and use it to convert followers into phone calls. They’re able to turn likes into emails. That’s some 21st century alchemy right there!

Look, if you’re not convinced by now that we’re the social media marketing company for you…I’m not sure what else there is to say.

Why hire us as your social media marketing company? Simple – because you can’t afford not to. Call TRC today and learn how we can help you dominate social media.

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