Twitter Marketing for Small Business: Ten Tips for Utilizing Twitter

twitter marketingTwitter, one of the most popular social media sites where users interact in 140 character status messages, can also be utilized to promote small businesses. Also known as micro-blogging, Twitter can be used to connect with customers, fans, and supporters of your company, product, or service. Like any other social media platform, there are some basic do’s and don’ts of using Twitter as a marketing tool for your small business. Properly utilizing Twitter can give your small business an advantage over your competitors who may not yet use the Internet as a marketing tool.


Here are ten tips for making the most out of Twitter to promote your business and/or products:

  1. Relevance: Provide relevant information in your Tweets. Inform your followers about upcoming events, promotions, sales, and new products. Do not flood your users’ feeds with irrelevant information.
  2. Post frequently: It can be a fine line between posting frequently and spamming your followers’ feeds. Spamming your users may cause them to unfollow you, but it is important that you frequently tweet relevant and intriguing content to keep your followers informed and interested.
  3. Develop a relationship: Communicating and interacting with your followers is essential to growing your small business. Answering questions and replying to your followers will contribute to a familiar and friendly feel toward your company.
  4. Casual conversation: Become involved in casual conversation with your followers. It is important that you followers feel like they are communicating with a person and not a robot. Be careful not to be too casual though — make sure you are using proper grammar and spelling. It is important to be open, casual, and friendly, while still maintaining a business-oriented appearance.
  5. Keep your profile updated: Take full advantage of Twitter by consistently updating your profile and pictures. With the rapid pace of digital marketing and Internet technology, it is essential that your social media sites, including Twitter, remain updated.
  6. Engage your followers: Start conversations by tweeting questions, polls, and surveys. Getting responses from your followers and engaging your supporters will drive traffic and help your followers get to know your business on a more personal level.
  7. Self-promote in moderation: It is important to promote your products and services, but in moderation. An excess of self-promotion can lead to spam and a loss of followers.
  8. Be an expert: It is essential that you know the ins and outs of your business, product, and services. Having expertise in your field will help you when updating your Twitter feed and responding to questions from followers.
  9. Follow relevant Twitter feeds: Do your research and find Twitter feeds that are relevant to business. Doing so will help you find new followers who are interested in your business and thus, generate traffic to your Twitter feed and your company.
  10. Create a marketing plan: Keep track of the various types of promotions and techniques you are using and how effective each of them are. This will help you determine which tools are most beneficial for driving traffic to your Twitter feed.

Twitter is a highly effective social marketing tool for your small business if utilized properly. By providing relevant information, exciting updates, and casual, friendly conversation, your followers can remain informed about your company without being overloaded with information they are not necessarily interested in.