Cutting Edge Web Design Trends 2015

trc multimediaIn 2015 web design carries the full spectrum of opportunity that digital marketing provides. Web designers have the ability to push the envelope when it comes to imagination and user engagement.

The purpose of this article is to share some of the most pertinent web design trends of 2015. Some of these trends may completely shift your perception of a modern website.

  1. 1. Multimedia User Experience

The concept of multimedia is dead. The term has been so misused and mistreated that it really means nothing today. Today’s web designers are still trying to make user engagement focused multimedia experiences. Where Flash was the tool used for these experiences in the past, multimedia experiences driven by HTML5 canvas element allow designers to produce any necessary visual effect today.

  1. The Parallax Effect

So many different mutations have transpired from parallax effect. Today, designers use mouse movement or page scrolling to make certain elements animated properties of a web page.

  1. Animation

Animated sequences begin when a user hits a certain position to scroll. Most of the time a couple of elements use a fade-in effect to display or the elements slide into the page. This year, designer gear towards using lightweight SVG and Java Script to produce a visually pleasing metaphor presenting how a particular product or service works. The endless possibilities for incorporating animation on your site today truly are endless.

  1. Flat Design

Over the past few years, flat design has been the leader over and over again.
It still remains king and will remain. Flat design especially takes the lead in menus, icons and illustrations. These designs are manageable, easily scaleable and look good, obviously.

  1. Make it Big

The last and most important design trend of today is “make it big.” The reason behind this is not only visual, but also pragmatic. Full screen images with “book cover” layouts are taken to the next level in 2015.

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