If web design is how it looks and feels, then website development is how it works. Web developers operate behind the scenes to make sure sites do what they are supposed to do: attract visitors, engage audiences and convert them into clients.

Our team of expert developers accomplishes this and more with unmatched skill and precision. With TRC Multimedia handling all your website development needs, you can always expect a project completed on time, on budget, and above expectations!

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What is Website Development?


Web development encompasses a broad spectrum of tasks and responsibilities, all of which are crucial to your website’s vitality and success. Whether you need a static landing page or a thousand-product ecommerce store, the function of a proficient developer will include some or all of the following:

  • Both client-side and server-side coding
  • Standardizing and validating that code across platforms
  • Ensuring uninhibited accessibility and usability
  • Content management system (CMS) integration
  • Relational database management
  • Site security and information architecture
  • Managing hosting and control panels
  • Making the site interactive and user-friendly
  • Ongoing maintenance and error-handling
Call us today at +1 855-385-4960 or Email us at sales@trcmm.com

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How Website Development Works

Building a website is an intricate and complex process that begins not with the site itself, but with the web server. In order to even consider the front-end representation of your site, it is first necessary to set up the architecture of its information: a server through which to host it, a content management system through which to publish it, and a database through which to store it.

Depending on your server and the scripting environment that it provides, your website will be developed in a server-side coding language such as Ruby, ASP or PHP. By programming the information that is sent to the server (rather than the web browser), your web site will be able to dynamically display information based on search queries, tags/categories, or recent updates.

Information requested from a server renders on browsers as a client-side code such as JavaScript or HTML. Different devices and web browsers accept different front-end web development practices. Therefore, the true merit of a web development team is not what they do, but rather how they do it – not for merely surfing Firefox on an iPad, but for the Internet as a whole, whether on smartphones, laptops or desktops, Chrome, Safari or Internet Explorer.

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Why Choose Us for Website Development?


If some, or even all, of the above sounds like tech gibberish to you, then that’s okay. We don’t expect you to know how website development works or what it entails – that’s what we are here for! We are here to get the job done, and we can assure you that our web development team is more than capable of accomplishing this.

Our programming and developing skills are multifaceted and have been finely tuned by years of experience. We are proficient in everything from markup languages to server-side scripting to interactive front-end development. Out code is ultra-clean, our sites are super-fast, and our web applications couldn’t be more user-friendly.

Website development is an art and a science that requires the utmost care, so don’t waste a cent letting the amateurs build your site! Have your site professionally developed by the best in the business – call TCR Multimedia today!

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