If you have a cell phone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer then more than likely you have heard about social media and even have a personal account of your own on one or more of the popular sites. The top big three are Facebook, Instagram and Twitter with each site differing slightly from the other. For example, Facebook has words and pictures, Instagram is primarily for pictures and Twitter is usually text but all three sites have one characteristic in common.

The similar factor is that individuals can follow and like other pages no matter the geographical distance which is exactly how businesses develop a following from all over the world. It is important to note that social media is free marketing for a company which makes it one of the ideal resources for startups and those with a small budget but in order for it to be effective the accounts have to be developed correctly.

One of the primary mistakes that companies make when it comes to social media is that they build it like they do their personal pages but this isn’t enough because you will automatically have followers from your inner social circle on the personal page but not on the business page. Marketing requires brand imaging and building of a unique persona so that the company stands apart from its competitors. In a network as large as Facebook and the others a professional company can easily get lost or never found which renders this technique ineffective and useless to the business. This is why business owners need to partner with a qualified marketing company that offers social media packages on their list of services. These teams understand how to tell the story, deliver the brand and increase the number of followers using their experience and expertise in this industry.

If you are questioning whether your business needs to be on the social media radar then the answer is yes but it needs to be accomplished correctly with an appropriate social media marketing package and a professional marketing team. Take advantage of a free resource and tool by making the most out of a worldwide stage where your business brand can become one of the household names.